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    The risk of not knowing your charity’s real rivals

    Charities are competitive beasts. If there is more than one charity operating in your field (and there probably is), you probably see them as rivals. You want to raise more money, get more media coverage and more Twitter followers than them. But only seeing one or two other charities as your rivals can have hidden, harmful effects. […]

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    It’s time for charities to stop wasting time on social media

    In a time of shrinking charity budgets, does social media deserve its place at the top table of charity digital marketing? I’ve written a piece for the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network where I argue that it doesn’t. Social media doesn’t usually lead to donations, event sign ups or volunteers. There are other areas of digital marketing that […]

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  • 5 email marketing tactics you don’t know yet

    Your email list isn’t just for sending big newsletter to once a month (if you remember). Email marketing is so much more versatile. You can: show new members around a virtual community inspire supporters to campaign raise funds Find out the five email marketing tactics you don’t know yet over on the JustGiving blog.  

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