Get Happy

It’s time to get happy.

On Radio 4, Twitter and even the Six O’clock news, the message from new charity Action on Happiness is the same – it’s time to set cynicism aside, and start cultivating more happiness in our society.

Their website is awash with videos of psychologists telling us that following a few simple tips, such as doing something kind or noting three good things about your day, can have a marked effect on our cotentment levels as a society.

I love this idea, for several reasons:

  • it’s a practical, not sentimental, approach to being happier
  • It’s relevant to everyone
  • It’s new – who doesn’t love a new idea?

The coverage it has received is exactly what a project with these characteristics will inevitably get, and rightly so. If more charity projects stood out like Action for Happiness does, we might even get more coverage for the solutions we propose, instead of the terrible problems we want to solve.

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