5 websites for zero cost volunteer recruitment

Last week I did a blog post entitled 5 Tips for Zero Cost Volunteer Recruitment in which I promised to outline some of the services that help me recruit Chance UK’s volunteers for free. Well, here they are!

1. Book your events using Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a fantastic, free tool for managing your events. If you run volunteer information sessions, simply create an event that anyone can sign up to, put the link to the event on your website near the information on your volunteering, and let potential volunteers register with their name and e-mail address.

This allows you to communicate with all attendees at the same time, saving you what can be the considerable administrative burden of recording names, mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses yourself. You can also use this to book training courses in a similarly easy way.

2. Apply for a Google Grant

Google gives away $10,000 of free advertising every month to any approved registered charity. That’s over £8,000 worth of sponsored links on Google advertising your volunteer recruitment opportunities for free!

It’s amazing that not all charities take advantage of this, and it is a fantastic resource. Chance UK has trebled its website visitors using Google Grants, and created a steady flow of volunteers.

The science of keywords and campaigns can take a little bit of time to get your head around, but with so many people turning to Google as their first port of call for finding everything from restaurants and new shoes to volunteer opportunities, you cannot fail by having this in your weaponry.

3. Advertising websites

The GuardianTimebankDo It and Charity Job will advertise your volunteer opportunities for free. How many people you get from these sites depends on the role – we have found Charityjob extremely useful for getting quality applications for our office-based internships in particular, as many students browse this site looking for experience in the sector.

Put together a short role description containing three to five bullet points summarising the role, and upload it. These adverts don’t need much maintenance, so once your role is on there, you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

4. Sign up for Salesforce

Using the form building technology of Salesforce, Google Docs, or Dynamics, you can build web forms that integrate into your website and allow volunteers to apply for your volunteer roles online. These  can be complex to create, but once done, they can automate your recruitment processes very nicely indeed.

5. Be good

OK, this isn’t a website, and indeed featured in the previous post. But if you create a structured, welcoming and supported volunteering experience, your volunteers will tell their friends, family and colleagues about you. And they will become your new volunteers.

At Chance UK, we think we do well recruiting volunteers online, yet over a third of our volunteers still come from word of mouth. That can only happen because of the effort we put into our current volunteers. So it’s worth reiterating!

Good luck.


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