How Twitter Changed my Life

I remember the day I first thought about joining Twitter.

I was sitting with my then boss, Jo at Chance UK, one afternoon several years ago. Twitter was  a relative newcomer on the social media scene, and after a bit of looking around the site, Jo said, “I think we need to be on this.”

So on it we got. I started making connections with other charities, and with the movers and shakers on the charity social media scene. They started sharing articles, tools and techniques that got me thinking about digital marketing, and how the internet could be a force for good. That started to shape my job.

I went to my first NFP Tweetup, and actually met a lot of these movers and shakers face to face. I started following a few folk in my community too.

Here’s what it all led to:

– Local friendships – this created a sense of feeling at home, as well as front row seats for Flight of the Conchords in the case of one well connected Twitter friend!

– Sector friendships – cool links with other charity types, loads of whom have become proper mates

– Inspiration – the courage to try new ideas like the Big Influence campaign at Chance UK

– New lines of work – my freelance work is entirely due to encouragement and direction from Rachel Beer and Rochelle Dancel

– Romance – a friend of mine started going out with someone I had originally met via Twitter!

– A mentor – the knowledgeable and ridiculously lovely Zoe Amar

There’s something unique about Twitter which means it’s the only social network these things could have happened through. It has a culture of sharing and mutual support you don’t get on Facebook. It actively encourages new connections. It’s those new connections that have been literally life-changing for me.

How has Twitter changed your life?


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  1. Ross 11/21/2011 at 1:53 pm #

    Well, as someone who’s had a similar journey – learning through shared articles, help and inspiration, building up business links, and growing and promoting my work – I whole-heartedly agree.

    Twitter has enabled me to leave my full-time job to do something I love, and I’ve made some great friends along the way.

    I was unsure about Twitter to start with too. But it’s a critical tool for my business and life now.


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