Crowdsourced online tools for charities

Here’s a handy list of free online tools for charities, put together by my Twitter followers, most of whom work in charities themselves.

It’s a fantastic example of crowd-sourcing at its best. Have a play and see if they can’t make your life easier.

(big thanks to Ross Wintle, Paul Darigan, Jack Ashman, Joe Phillips and Bronte McConnell for their contributions)


Calendar Check
Visitors can check out charity events, volunteer to help their chosen charity, publicise fundraising events to help raise awareness and maximise revenue. Charities can also find out about other charity events in their area to avoid clashing, and browse through the list of product suppliers, all for free.

Event scheduling – poll participants for availability and then let them know when the event is. Very handy for meetings.



Comparison of eCampaigning Tools
This is a useful link to another spreadsheet that compares eCampaigning Tools

Community Newswire
Helps distribute press releases to national and regional news organisations for free    Online submission form or email community.newswire@

Image editors

Free vector graphics editor. Useful tool, feels a bit ‘clunky’ at first

Google Apps
Email, calendar and document collaboration. Office alternative – document collaboration is great fun.

Image manipulation, like Photoshop. The closest you can get to Photoshop for free.

Simple image manipulation. Windows only, but easier to use than GIMP

Online image manipulation, no registration needed.

Online image manipulation, plus other tools for graphics/images/drawings

Zooming presentation tool


Social media

Allows you to queue tweets at pre-determined times. Easy to use analytics.

Schedules posts, allows you to look at multiple Twitter streams. Easy to use, not great for teams, but has a smartphone app.

Schedules posts, allows you to look at multiple Twitter streams. Easy to use, in-built URL shortener, gives basic stats.

Allows curation of social media posts. Easy to use, supports the main sites, can pull in links, easy to share, good for campaign feedback

Similar social aggregator/scheduling tool to HootSuite/Tweetdeck et al. Allows more separate (free) logins under same account than others – with “assigned to me” notes & handy integration for easy peasy shortening and tracking in one go

Works out most effective times to tweet and automatically tweets for you. Can connect to too.

Allows you to search Twitter bios and locations for people to connect to.

Quick check of username availability on a multitude of social networks.

NixonMcInnes Retweet Tool
Gives you the number of retweets for each tweet according to Twitter handle and date    Quick, handy.

Counts the number of Tweets containing a hashtag, their  (potential) impressions and ‘reach’. Handy way of gauging the impact/reach of a hashtag for campaigns

URL shortener with tracking. Reasonably useful for measuring click-throughs on links. account can be easily synced with TweetDeck.



To do list and task management for teams. Looks lovely!

Manage tasks and projects. Relatively new tool but looks very good. Free for up to 30 collaborators.



Google Chart Tools    
Lots of tools for presenting data in funky ways


File / document sharing

Creates folders that you can sync and share between computers. Free for up to 2G.


Timer for brewing tea along with details of how best to brew different sorts of tea. Most charities would be nothing without a few caffeinated beverages here and there.



Allows donors to text donations



ScreenCast tool – maybe helpful for demos of products/services or for staff training

Another screencasting tool – very straightforward to use.

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  1. Helen Price 02/22/2012 at 12:42 pm #

    What about i-volunteer?
    for all volunteer comms, calls to action, networking for volunteering led projects, managing volunteer teams and so on…

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