Round-up of #SLDCM #1

We had the first south London digital charity meetup (catchy name pending) this week.

Chats about digital


Digital types from charities large and small gathered in the Coach & Horses in Clapham. Over wine, beer and burgers, a group of us chatted passionately about the most innovative campaigns and initiatives from charities we’ve seen, including:

#firstworldproblems from Water is Life


Depaul UK’s famous iHobo app:



And the ethically dubious but certainly innovative way of getting wifi hotspots at SXSW from homeless people:


We also talked a lot about Cancer Research UK’s Facebook app with six asks, Collective Force, and how Oxfam turned to their online community to solve their swimming pool dilemma.

Lots of questions were posed and debated – is crowdfunding just aggregating informal giving? Do you need a powerful CRM to know what actions your supporters have taken? And are people still even doing Twibbons? (“What is this, the 80s??”).

Thanks so much to everyone who came and contributed to the brilliant chats. Great suggestions have come through for the next one, which will be in late November or early December.

Check out pictures and tweets from the Storify of the evening in the meantime, and read the full live notes:


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