5 ways charities should Go Mobile

Media Trust are running GoMobile this Thursday, an event that urges charities to take the lead in the mobile space.


Go Mobile

As a massive believer in all things mobile, I’ll be there with bells on to learn more about apps, strategy, fundraising and more.

Here’s five ways charities can get started in the mobile space:

1. Get a mobile website

Most organisations have the percentage of people viewing their site on mobile double in the last year. If your website can’t be viewed on a smartphone, it won’t get viewed at all in many cases.

2. Accept mobile donations

There is no easier way to make a donation than by text. Whether it’s Justtextgiving or Mobilise, make it easy for supporters to donate by mobile.

3. Text your supporters

Many email campaigns have open rates of around 20%. This becomes almost 100% in the case of texts. People respond to texts. If you can’t afford an all-singing, all dancing programme, use Mightytext and an Android phone to text supporters from your PC.

4. Connect your supporters on Twitter

Over 60% of people access Twitter on their mobile devices. Make them feel even more a part of your organisation by creating a list of your top tweeters and helping them connect with each other.

5. Think mobile first

When creating digital strategies, think how you can make it accessible on mobile web, text and apps first. The proliferation of smartphones means your supporters will soon be far more likely to engage with you on mobile first, desktop second.

See you at GoMobile on Thursday!


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