Why I’m running two bus routes for one charity

13.1 miles is apparently a really long way. It’s the equivalent of running for the bus and just missing it, from the start to the end of its route. And back again.

London bus

Keep running for it

I’m going to try doing this for the amazing Child’s i Foundation. On my birthday. I did a 10k once – ten years ago. So it might be quite hard work.

I’m doing it for a few reasons:

1. Child’s i will save lives with the money

I’ve done some pro bono work for Child’s i. I did it because I was inspired by the passion of their founder Lucy, and having seen how they spend their money, being convinced they spend their hard earned cash on baby food, paying carers and other essential things.

2. To know what it’s like to ask for sponsorship

Part of my work is helping charities raise money, but I don’t really know what it’s like to do it myself. Asking friends for sponsorship, dreaming up ways of embarrassing yourself to get more sponsorship, pushing towards a target…it’s probably even more difficult than it sounds.


A lean, meaning, bus-catching machine.

3. The personal challenge

Without wanting to turn on the cheese too much, doing stuff in the last year that’s new and difficult in my professional life has been great. So running three times further than I ever have would probably be good too. Right?

So sponsor me if you can. and help Child’s i find families for abandoned babies, while I run two bus routes.

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