Herne Hill’s history on your mobile

I live in Herne Hill in south London, and like many others, I flippin’ love it here. I also love smartphones.

So, inspired by the National Trust’s talking benches, I’ve started a project to encapsulate the rich history of the shops, pubs and other sites of interest in Herne Hill in one minute audio clips, delivered straight to people’s mobiles.

the commercialLet’s say you’re enjoying Sunday lunch at the Commercial. You wonder what the building was used for in the past. So you scan a small QR code or go to a URL on your phone, and listen to a one minute audio clip of the manager telling you what the earliest recorded use for the building is, what it has been over the years, and what it’s like now.

You could listen to it there and then, or move on to other nearby shops and pubs to do the same. Either way, the history of this thriving south London community stays alive a little bit longer.

Have a listen to Brad from the aforementioned Commercial telling you its history below. If you want to hear more, you’ll just have to pop down to the area sometime…

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