Who’s the most social charity CEO?

I’m a big believer that organisations take on the personality and strengths of their CEOs.

So when the list of top 30 CEOs on social media came out containing not one from the not-for-profit sector, myself and Zoe Amar wondered if our sector’s leaders were really lagging behind on social, or whether they were just being overlooked. And if it’s the former, what effect is that having on staff, volunteers or even digital strategy?

So Zoe wrote a Guardian article during Social Media Week to launch our initiative to find the best charity CEOs on social media.

This is important. I believe that a CEO who embraces digital, isn’t afraid to publicly stand up for their beliefs on social media and show us the human side of what they do is seen as an inspiration to their staff, volunteers and peers.

It proves that they are forward looking – ready to embrace new channels, increased connectivity and even change as a whole. The qualities they display here will undoubtedly manifest in all areas of their vital work.

So let’s show that our CEOs belong in the overall top 30 – nominate the best charity CEO today.

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