Your social persona: the role of the individual in social media

Social Media Week London is just around the corner. There will be tonnes of interesting events to explore the role of social media in business, charities and the public sector.

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I’m running an event on Tuesday 24 September called “Your social persona – how your individual online identity influences and boosts your organisation’s brand.” I organised it because I find the role of individual voices in organisation social media (and therefore brand) fascinating.

We will be exploring a few things:

1. Progressive organisations sound more like individuals online

We’ll hear from Moonpig and arguably the bravest organisational Twitter account out there, Arena Flowers, on why they consciously decided on a light hearted approach to social media over the universal promotional one.

2. Individuals can amplify their brands

From simply retweeting their employers’ tweets to becoming digital first organisations, employees and volunteers can add authenticity and human voices to their campaigns or products.

3. Your views are never your own

Does the often seen Twitter bio disclaimer “All views my own” have any meaning? Several real life examples prove that it doesn’t.

See you at Campus London on the 24th.

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