5 small charities rocking it on Twitter

Econsultancy recently wrote an article called “Five examples of charities with excellent Twitter feeds”. It was a very useful analysis of best practice by five great charities.

But the examples chosen were all relatively big organisations, with more resources to devote to social media than most charities. So I asked my followers who their favourite small charities on Twitter were, and here are my favourites.

1. Child’s i Foundation

Often cited as an example of best practice for charity digital campaigns in general, Child’s i use their feed to share regular updates from their transitional care home in Uganda. We regularly see beautiful pictures of the children and families they help, tweets personally signed off and, crucially, not too many requests made of their followers.


2. Providence Row

Providence Row are a small charity tackling the root causes of homelessness. Their Twitter feed has a fantastically positive tone, features lots of behind-the-scenes updates from their work, and the Chief Tweeter is never too busy to personally thank new followers for showing an interest in their work.

3. Coventry Rape Crisis

The Twitter feed of Coventry Rape Crisis, who work with women, men and children who have been raped or abused, is a buzzing feed. Their “Rape is rape in any language” campaign is very serious of course, but the tone of their many replies to other tweeters is usually energetic and upbeat. A fantastically social feed.

4. Our Home Nakuru

Another international development charity, working in Kenya this time, Our Home Nakuru also shares stories about the children they help (which their followers will love to read). They also share facts about the problems they tackle and take time to thank the people who follow them on Twitter, giving them more information on the work they do.

5. Stepney City Farm

A city farm in the east end of London, Stepney City Farm do much of the above. I love the sense of humour displayed in their many replies (most charities tweets to replies ratio is far too low – not this one) and signing off of individual tweets. Plus, you can’t go far wrong with pictures of cute animals.

What other small charities do you think are rocking it on Twitter?

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