Stories that last as long as cave paintings

Digital storytelling conference

For 27,000 years, since the first cave paintings were discovered, storytelling has been one of our most powerful methods of communication. We’ve used it to teach vital skills and share our culture through generations. Families used stories to build strong relationships with their children (and still do). Stories can be a life saving way to communicate.

Social is stories

As much as 65% of our conversations with each other are stories of one kind or another. To be social has always been to tell a story. In the digital age, social media is everywhere. The key to success therefore is knowing how to tell the stories of how your charity changes lives; where people were before, how you helped, where they are now.

The Digital Storytelling Conference

This Thursday, I’ll be at the Digital Storytelling Conference run by Media Trust. We’ll hear from the mighty Jon Snow, as well as experts from Tumblr, YouTube and UNICEF on how the best ways for charities to bring their stories to life online.

I for one can’t wait. Thursday won’t be about which bleeding edge new social network to be on, or digital fundraising platform to use. Instead, we’ll hear from those who know what really works online, how to tell stories that move people to like, share and distribute a charity’s content to a wider audience, to gain even more support. And at the heart of will be the story of how your charity change lives.

Build long-lasting support

Charities that tell their stories the best will build long-lasting relationships with their funders and supporters. Learn how tell your charity’s story well, and maybe your charity’s story will endure as those from the Stone Age have.

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