Minifig Mayhem – meddling minis cause April Fools chaos at Girlguiding!

Girlguiding HQ takeover

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The Minifig takeover at Girlguiding HQ made waves online this April Fools Day. It was a great example of a charity campaign with a sense of humour, combined with a delightfully innovative way to announce a partnership. 

But how did it work? This guest post by Paul Darigan, Social Media Manager at Girlguiding, takes us through the campaign from idea to delivery.

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Too good to miss

We knew that the announcement of our partnership with would coincide roughly with April Fools. The opportunity was far too good to pass up. We were really excited about the partnership, and wanted to launch it in as fun a way as possible. We wanted to develop a campaign that would excite our members and appeal to the public at large.

We pulled together a project team that combined the partnerships, marketing and digital teams and developed the takeover idea together. We agreed an overall framework for the narrative and a story arch for the morning, while giving ourselves enough leeway to be responsive on the day and engage in creative, agile marketing.

Spaghetti trees are so 1957

Static April Fools’ gags just don’t work anymore. You need a story, some breaking news. You need joke that runs and changes throughout the morning, a joke that people can engage with and that they can augment by joining in. Our Minifigs took over the website, and our social media accounts. They listed their demands and responded to questions.

The Minifig science officer said: “Evry1 noes spagetez do3snT gr0ws on tr33s. TH4t w0z juS S1LLEze”

Make it [really] fun 

Who doesn’t love LEGO? The miniature Brownies flew in through an open window, and quickly established control. With their unique take on grammar and spelling, they documented their peaceful takeover. We relied on people suspending their disbelief to make the campaign work, but the proposition was preposterous enough to ensure we weren’t actually trying to fool anyone. The balance struck all the right chords.

One of our Minfig Rainbows was in complete agreement: “AI d0nt w4ntS 2 kn0 any0nez th4T dusn’T LYk legoes”

Play to your strengths

We have amazing online communities – the people that we chat to on social media are passionate, highly engaged, honest, and always up for a laugh. We were delighted with how many people got on board, joined in with the joke and sent in their own pictures of office takeovers, or reinforcements being sent to HQ. Our partners, Minfigs.Me, supported the launch throughout the morning and joined in with the joke.

One of the Minifig Girlguiding Leaders said: “We haz m4NY str3ngfhs. W3 iz r3soURC3ful AN br4VE”.

Have an ending

The Minifigs were quite reasonable when we managed to get around a negotiating table with them. Our Chief Executive Julie Bentley worked with the Minifigs to hammer out a treaty that all sides could agree too, and we shared the good news with everyone as soon as the treaty signing had taken place.

The leader of the Minifigs take ova said: “W3 haz mush mweushal interstz. W3 iz gl4d a piec3 cud bE reeshEd.”

Curate it 

We rounded off the day by Storifying all of the best posts with a poetic twist. Curating the content allowed us tell the day’s story again (without breaking the all-important midday cut-off point of April Fools’ day).



Storify added longevity to the amazing content people posted, and a few rhyming couplets really helped to encourage people to read and share it.

Girlguiding is the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK. 10% from the sale of the LEGO Girlguiding Minifigs will go to Girlguiding to continue their amazing work with girls and young women across the UK.

Read more about the partnership between Girlguiding and


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