Proud to be a Fundraiser – blogging for National Convention

IoF logoI’m excited to be a blogger for the Institute of Fundraising’s national convention in July. I’ll be covering events during the three days of seminars and social sessions.

If you haven’t been before, National Convention is a huge get together of fundraisers from all over Europe. There are masterclasses, social events, career advice clinics, and plenaries from the likes of Lloyd Grossman and the CEO of Cancer Research UK, Harpal Kumar.

I for one can’t wait. Events like this are important because:

You leave feeling inspired – and fundraising is all about emotion

Fundraisers inspire emotions in others that lead to giving. And to do that, you need to feel  strongly yourself. Hearing about the incredible work of others gives you that inspiration, so it’s an often much needed emotion top up.

The theme is ‘Proud to be a Fundraiser’

At a time of backlash against ‘chugging’ and the pay of charity CEOs, fundraisers could be forgiven for feeling their profession is somewhat under attack. This event will hopefully help to reinforce the justified pride that fundraisers should feel.

You get to socialise

Unlike many events, convention has actively organised a number of evening get togethers for when the daytime sessions end. These are often where the best ideas are formed, or at least where people feel more comfortable letting off steam! Plus, they’re great fun.

You can buy your ticket for convention here. See you there!

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