Archive | February, 2016


Why your charity needs digital advertising

Advertising doesn’t half get a bad rap. Money-grabbing, soul-destroying…never life saving. And yet that’s exactly what it can be. When charities advertise their vital services online, their message can reach thousands, even millions of people, quickly and cost-effectively. Read my full blog post on why your charity needs online advertising over on the Platypus Digital […]

Why email can save fundraising

The average person apparently checks their email 15 times a day. That’s me on a disciplined day. New social networks come and go, but email is here to stay – for your donors as much as for you. So it’s time to uncover the gold in your email lists. Read more about why I think […]


Communities are the heart of charities’ online services

Digital isn’t just about marketing – it’s also about bringing people together and giving them support. Digital communities are brilliant. They can be: Forums / messageboards – often around specific topics like health Live chat – direct one-to-one support with trained advisors Facebook groups – bringing people together on the world’s biggest social network Find […]

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