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Social media – what’s the point?

Charities often measure campaigns’ success by the numbers – hits on webpages, total time spent on the site, and impressions of banner ads. But in a world where millions go hungry and the environment is crumbling, all that stuff is in fact pointless. So what really matters? The answer is of course – our charities’ […]

Crowdsourced online tools for charities

Here’s a handy list of free online tools for charities, put together by my Twitter followers, most of whom work in charities themselves. It’s a fantastic example of crowd-sourcing at its best. Have a play and see if they can’t make your life easier. (big thanks to Ross Wintle, Paul Darigan, Jack Ashman, Joe Phillips […]

Take it offline

The internet is awesome. I use it every single day. I can spend hours losing myself in fascinating blog posts, hilarious tweets, and reams of information on anything that happens to pop into my head. That, however, is completely meaningless. The content I while so many hours away consuming nothing without the people behind it. […]

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