How Twitter Changed my Life

I remember the day I first thought about joining Twitter. I was sitting with my then boss, Jo at Chance UK, one afternoon several years ago. Twitter was  a relative newcomer on the social media scene, and after a bit of looking around the site, Jo said, “I think we need to be on this.” So […]

Hackers and Spooks in the Clouds

Following what people think about “the cloud” is fascinating. Whether its public services moving wholesale to the cloud to cut costs, to a new survey finding that most IT professionals don’t trust its security, I love reading what people think. The latest thought is John Harris’s article in the Guardian, “Why Hackers and Spooks Want […]

The 35 Hour Meeting

I went to a 35 hour long meeting the other day. Ok, that’s slightly misleading. There were ten people giving comments on a report, and it lasted for two hours, which is standard enough. But what about the hidden time? The meeting grabbed two hours out of each person’s day, so for ten people, that’s […]

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