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Charity data geeks – show your faces

I’ve met so many people in charities who love data. Nothing is more fun to them than pulling numbers together in colour coded spreadsheets, interpreting them and applying conclusions to make changes in fundraising and service delivery processes, improving them in often big ways. But too often, others in their organisations don’t share their enthusiasm. […]

A Champion, Some Bravery and Time Out – how to do digital well

NFP Tweetup is four years old! Happy birthday to you – I remember when you were just a two year old toddler, running around with your birthday cake, all cute and innocent. Many happy returns! So to celebrate, the upskilling, infrastructure and culture that an organisation needs to do digital well is up for discussion […]

Round-up of #SLDCM #1

We had the first south London digital charity meetup (catchy name pending) this week.   Digital types from charities large and small gathered in the Coach & Horses in Clapham. Over wine, beer and burgers, a group of us chatted passionately about the most innovative campaigns and initiatives from charities we’ve seen, including: #firstworldproblems from […]

South London digital charity meetup

A couple of months ago, I floated the idea of doing a small, educational meetup in south London for charity digital types. Loads of people responded positively. Feedback overwhelmingly suggested that an evening of informal learning in a pub in Brixton or Clapham, with non-charity types (and indeed north Londoners!) being allowed to pop along […]

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