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Take it offline

The internet is awesome. I use it every single day. I can spend hours losing myself in fascinating blog posts, hilarious tweets, and reams of information on anything that happens to pop into my head. That, however, is completely meaningless. The content I while so many hours away consuming nothing without the people behind it. […]

Whose views are they anyway?

What’s the most common text in Twitter bios? Is it text that declares your football allegiances? Your whereabouts in the world, or your favourite colour? No. It’s the ubiquitous disclaimer “Views are my own”, often found next to the suffix, “Not my employer’s”. Cases such as Sarah Baskerville, a government official who was on the […]

How Twitter Changed my Life

I remember the day I first thought about joining Twitter. I was sitting with my then boss, Jo at Chance UK, one afternoon several years ago. Twitter was  a relative newcomer on the social media scene, and after a bit of looking around the site, Jo said, “I think we need to be on this.” So […]

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