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Free CRM for small charities

I went to an event at NCVO for charities looking to get on the cloud recently. There was a Q&A with staff from Salesforce, an incredibly powerful and relatively cheap Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that maintains all your supporter relationships, automates lots of processes and lets you work from anywhere. One man asked what […]

The 35 Hour Meeting

I went to a 35 hour long meeting the other day. Ok, that’s slightly misleading. There were ten people giving comments on a report, and it lasted for two hours, which is standard enough. But what about the hidden time? The meeting grabbed two hours out of each person’s day, so for ten people, that’s […]

Get Happy

It’s time to get happy. On Radio 4, Twitter and even the Six O’clock news, the message from new charity Action on Happiness is the same – it’s time to set cynicism aside, and start cultivating more happiness in our society. Their website is awash with videos of psychologists telling us that following a few […]

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